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Finally, after a loooong time, I managed to get the first two hdri collections up for sale! Have a look and see if you like ‘em. I sincerely do hope you do.

What’s more, after trying out a lot of different ways to host video tutorials for sale, I think we’ll end up on udemy (www.udemy.com), though it’s a bit pricey, they offer some really nice features that i am sure you will all like a lot! So now it’s just a question of getting the tutorials finished and out there!

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Hi everyone!

So, I’ve just launched this site, and I have started to upload the videos to Vimeo, without making a fuzz about it. Already there’s been quite a few likes, plays and so on, so i’m really happy about that. Please have a bit of patience with me, as I am getting all of this together while working full time as a vfx freelancer. The plan is to have at least two complete collections out by the end of april, and then just keep adding stuff as i come up with something I figure could make a great video tutorial! Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is something specific you would like to see or if you have any other comments. I’m really looking forward to having this stuff up and running… till then, bear with me!