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Product Lighting in VRAY



Product lighting is such an important part of what many 3D artists do, so it’s time for some specific product lighting training. I’ve been doing this for years now, and have picked up a few hints, tips and tricks along the way which I’ve decided to share in this video. The video will go through three specific examples, The Milk Carton, The Wacom Pen, and The Camera. From those, you should be able to adapt techniques to what ever you are working on, and hopefully improve the quality of your work.

Features include:
-Shaping the product to look it’s best
-Lighting using reflections
-Details in your products to make your renders look real
-Using fog and Depth of Field
-Soft lighting

THIS PRODUCT IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND SHOULD BE READY FOR LAUNCH APRIL 2013. Sign up for the newsletter to know as soon as it’s out there!